Review of A Chance Beginning - Review done by Cheryl Rodriguez

5/5 Stars

“All young men have grand ideas.” Christopher Patterson’s, A Chance Beginning, is an epic tale of three ambitious and virile, yet naive, young men. Leaving the mundane life of farming behind, two brothers, Befel and Erik, and their cousin, Bryon, embark on a journey seeking the riches in the East.  In the beginning, their adventurous quest takes them on a pursuit of purpose. The good-hearted Erik is driven by the idea of a divine purpose, but his egotistical cousin Bryon, motives are of pure selfishness.  Traveling down destiny’s path, they encounter things they would never have seen at home and find themselves battling for their livelihood. When a good man’s conscience is seared through battle, will the darkness of soul overshadow the radiant hope held within? These young men find themselves accosted and haunted by what they have seen and done, living a nightmare with eyes wide open. Commissioned by the Messenger of the East, the trio sets out with a crew of mercenaries and dwarves on a now treacherous quest to find a mysterious lost scroll. When good and evil collide, will their expedition be led by the Creator or overtaken by Shadow.   Will it prove to be a noble quest or a wayfaring escapade of folly?  Only time will tell. 

Fantasy is all about good versus evil. In the beginning, A Chance Beginning, plot-line seems predictable, atypical to the fantasy genre.  However, as the plot unfolds it begins to take on its own unique, larger-than-life, shape and destination.  Mr. Patterson’s writing vocabulary is expansive, often using archaic language and symbolism to bring life to the story. His writing style is acutely descriptive, not only does he give a voice to his characters, but resonating sounds to his scenery as well.  Although overwhelming at times, I appreciate the depth and extensive detail given to his main characters. The author understands the importance of character background and development for a successful epic trilogy.  Keeping with the fantasy genre, Mr. Patterson tells his enchanted fairy tale with unrestrained imagination by vividly illustrating the mythology and geography of his imaginary world. (The inclusion of the map drawing was a nice touch.) By using ancient and mystical weaponry, the author portrays intense graphic battle scenes that allow you to sense the death-defying adrenaline surge of the characters, amid the spellbinding chaos, and blood and guts of the barbaric fighting.  A Chance Beginning ending was a cliffhanger; Christopher Patterson left you on the edge, anticipating the next book in the Shadow Fire Trilogy.

“All young men have grand ideas”