Review of Call of Duty by CJ Peterson

3/5 Stars

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I recently met, through a writer's network, another author named CJ Peterson. CJ is a youth pastor and passionate not only about her work in youth ministries and about Christ, but also passionate about writing and sharing her faith experience through the written word. We agreed to review swap and, even though it probably took me much longer than it should have, I completed the first book in her three book series about a female firefighter, Casey, who struggles with, questions, discovers, and then shares her faith. Here is my review of The Call of Duty.

The story of Casey in The Call of Duty is one that is refreshing and heart felt. Peterson does an excellent job of relating the faith journey of a firefighter who does not believe in God to her moment of somewhat clarity and understanding that God has a purpose for her. As I read The Call of Duty, I felt like I could be reading the biography of someone who is working in public service and coming to know Christ. it didn't feel over the top, and it didn't feel muddled down with clichés and the feel-good allegories I often get tired of when reading Christian fiction.

One must understand that this is a Christian-fiction novel. After reading some of the reviews posted for The Call of Duty on, most of the negative comments were related to the fact that there are too many references to Christianity and faith in this novel. That seems a little ridiculous to me since this is meant to be a Christian novel. The outward expression of faith and talking about God and Christ is intentional. I think that is something people should understand before engaging this novel. This is a Christian novel. Its a great novel. Its a great tale of one's Christian growth and faith. And its a great Christian novel.

I had only a couple criticisms of The Call of Duty. Firstly, it could have used a little more editing. It was just tiny issues, small grammatical things. I don't think it is enough to detract someone from reading the novel and it certainly did not take away from the story and its content. The other critique I had, and I only picked up on this because I have been criticized extensively about this in my own writing, is that there were times I had a little difficulty determining whose point of view the story was being told from.

I think these are minor issues with an otherwise very well scripted story that has an extremely positive message in a world with ever increasing negative images, stories, thoughts, ideas, and media coverage. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a story of faith and journey and a person's experience in coming to know Christ.

You can find CJ Peterson's first novel in the Holy Flame Trilogy, The Call of Duty, here through Amazon

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