Review of Dragonvein: Book One by Brian D Anderson

4/5 Stars

I recently wrote several articles about the process of writing. What was a little different about these articles in terms of writing was that they weren’t about editing or constructing characters or writing a plot line. These articles were about being a writer and creating a new and unique story within the constructs of stories that have already been told. We know that most fantasy novels are going to be some journey, quest, voyage, slaying the monster kind of story. So, how does an author make us, the readers, want to read their story. It has to be different. A different take on something. A different look at something. A different twist. That is what Dragonvein: Book One is.

Firstly, Brian D. Anderson does something I find very interesting and that is, the title to his books are simply Book One, Book Two, etc. At first, I thought maybe this was a mistake. How do I tell the stories apart. But after reading his first novel, it fits with the theme of new and different. We begin with an exciting action scene. Fugitives on the run from evil. And then we transition into World War II. What? I know. Different. New. Strange. I loved it. Anderson quickly lets us, the readers, know that this is not going to be a normal fantasy adventure. Nor is it going to be your typical, convoluted multi-dimensional sci-fi adventure. This is a tale that takes many of the normal nuances of fantasy and turns them on their head. He has the normal players—dragons, dwarves, elves, magic. But its different. The elves are not your typical elves, not are the dwarves. Magic is not simply something someone learns in a book. It’s a refreshing view of fantasy and science-fiction. And at the end of the book, we realize that it is a quite interesting blend of both fantasy and science fiction.

Anderson does a pretty good job of developing his characters. No one is perfect. There are certain characters that might seem a little shallow and certain characters that could have used a little more development, but for the most part, his characters are believable and interesting. The plotline is well constructed as well. The story is action oriented and Anderson does a good job of pulling in the reader emotionally.

"Ethan has only one hope – to reach the dwarf kingdom of Elyfoss"

I also enjoyed the plot twists, especially towards the end of the book. The plot is, perhaps, a little predictable, but then again, what fantasy and science fiction plot isn’t. I would definitely recommend this first installment of the Dragonvein series to anyone looking for a refreshing and well written fantasy adventure and I have already bought and started reading Dragonvein: Book Two.

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