‘The Mirror of Her Dreams’ and ‘A Man Rides Through’ by Stephen Donaldson

The Mirror of Her Dreams’ and ‘A Man Rides Through’ by Stephen Donaldson

Reviewed by Thomas Patterson

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Known for the complex and brutal series ,“The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever”, Donaldson wrote a pair of books that tell story of a young woman, Terisa Morgan, living in New York City who is lost in her lack of relevance to the world. She doubts she even exists. She lives in an apartment with all its walls covered with mirrors, hoping her reflection will create a reality, a relevance of its own. In another land, dimension, reality, there exists a medieval society that depends on its mirror masters called “Imagers” to create mirrors to view a variety of scenes they believe are not real but possible. They need to reach out through one of these images and bring a champion through the mirror to save their land of Mordant. The collision of the world of modern Terisa and medieval Geraden is the basis for the books, “The Mirror of Her Dreams” and “A Man Rides Through”. The two books tell the complete story and cannot stand alone, but it is a compelling tale of love grasped through two realities, and evil fought on multiple plains and planes.

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Geraden, also irrelevant in his own world, considered a failure as an Imager, is chosen as the one to reach through a mirror that shows their intended champion and bring him to their rescue. He is chosen, not for his great skill, but because he is disposable. No loss if Geraden is destroyed. In reaching through the mirror for the champion, somehow his arm enters through the mirror on a wall in Terisa’s apartment. With half his body in one world, and half in another, he pleads with Terisa to pull him through. She is only able to believe this possible because she really doesn’t believe in her own reality, so, what the hell. The story of their relationship, what reality really means, and the assisting in Mordant’s Need, creates a wonderful and unusual tale of adventure and fun. Not believed to be real only verifies what Terisa believes of herself, yet she may be the key to Mordant’s survival. Throw in a crazy (or is he) King, cruel imagers, palace intrigue, high adventure, and plots aplenty, and you have a thoroughly fulfilling tale.

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